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Empire Chapter 21

Empire Chapter 21 Order Storyline

Men of Faith

location: Camp of the Faithful, Chaos Wastes

npc: Sigric Drakenhof

zone: Chaos Wastes

Public Quest: Madness

Public Quest: The Siren Sea

Public Quest: The Reaping Field

previous chapter is: Tannenbach's Doom

next chapter is: The Ebon Keep

Chapter Lore: "Have faith, men of the Empire, for faith is all that can truly protect us!"

Sigric searched the eyes of his men for any sign of hope, but saw only fear. With each day spent in this accursed wasteland, the brave soldiers of the Order of the Griffon edged closer to madness. They had only their faith to cling to, and as a Warrior Priest, Sigric Drakenhof had done his best to remind them of it.

He knew of course that it was a battle he could not hope to win. At best, he could buy valuable time.

The journey to the Inevitable City had been fraught with danger. Attacks from the Daemons of Tzeentch grew more frequent as the army drew nearer to the dread city, but it was not the Daemons that Sigric feared. The creeping madness that had been gnawing at each man's sanity since their arrival in the Chaos Wastes was the greater danger. Sigric had tried to keep the spark of hope alive, but it was only a matter of time before the growing shadow of fear consumed them all.

If the Order did not reach the Inevitable City soon, they would not reach it at all.

A shrill, inhuman scream pierced the air. One of the sentries pointed and cried out a warning. The Daemons were coming again.

Sigric offered a brief prayer of thanks. Battle would focus the men's attention and stave off the dread of this place, at least for a time. As he picked up his hammer and shield, the old Warrior Priest found it strange that he should be grateful to go into combat against the terrifying creatures that were common in this twisted, perverse land. Such was the nature of the Chaos Wastes, he thought to himself.

"For Sigmar!" cried Sigric as he charged forth to meet the enemy.

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