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Empire Chapter 22

Empire Chapter 22 Order Storyline

The Ebon Keep

location: Fires of Sigmar, Chaos Wastes

npc: General Vogel

zone: Chaos Wastes

Public Quest: The Fall of Night

Public Quest: Altar of Madness

Public Quest: Ebon Keep

previous chapter is: Men of Faith

next chapter is: Riekwald

Chapter Lore: General Vogel and his men were driven by sheer force of will, for reason and sense had long since been stripped away by the maddening and incomprehensible Chaos Wastes.

The days passed with little reckoning of time. Vogel had lost count of how many battles he'd fought against the Daemon hordes that continually attacked his forces. It might have been days, or years, or perhaps even millennia. The Empire might have fallen eons ago, and his warriors were lost on some hopeless crusade in this place where time, like every other rule of the physical world, was distorted beyond recognition.

Only one thought remained in the minds of the general and his soldiers: find the Inevitable City, and assault it.

One obstacle remained along the road to the enemy capital. The men knew its name the moment they set eyes upon it, though they did not know how this knowledge had come to them. It was the Ebon Keep, a great fortress of obsidian that towered above the twisted, rocky wasteland. Inside dwelt the Daemon whose earthly name was Kaluthax the All-seeing, and he was the gatekeeper to Tchar'zanek's stronghold. To approach the Inevitable City was impossible without first confronting the beast in the black fortress.

The general had made his camp in a lake of blue fire. The flames, strangely, seemed to harm only the enemy. With the shelter afforded him by the arcane fires, he had ordered his men to prepare for the siege of the Ebon Keep. The soldiers gathered wood while Barnabas Netzhoch and the other Bright Wizards held the lesser Daemons at bay. Witch Hunter Lutzen and his men kept a watchful eye for signs of madness and heresy among the soldiers.

Any hope of returning to the Empire had long ago left the soldiers of the expedition, but they and their leader still had will. They would reach the Inevitable City, and when they did, the enemy would pay in blood for every life they had taken during the invasion.

No matter the cost to the soldiers of the Order, there would be a reckoning.

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