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zone: Reikwald

Empire Fortress Order Storyline


location: Riekwald

zone: Reikwald

Undefined: Fortress Lord, Rhinehardt Ortmann

previous chapter is: The Ebon Keep

Chapter Lore: The fields of the Empire burn as the Chaos host closes, and the smoke of Reikland's fired fields cannot help but be blown south with the Reik river's natural fog. The billowing haze culminates in the Reikwald, and the fortress there stands like a massive sentinel amongst the mists that engulf it. Atop the fortress stands Rhinehardt Ortmann, a warrior priest as stalwart as the stronghold he commands. Charged with Altdorf's last line of defense by the Grand Theogonist himself, Ortmann has promised to give aid to all who have fled south from the maurading armry of Chaos. While Ortmann stands the safety of Reikwald's fortress, and the capital of Altdorf beyond, remains accessible to fleeing citizens of the Empire.

A less experienced commander might curse the fog and smoke that block the view of his defenders, but the commanders of the Reik know the mists for the friend they are. More than one blinded enemy regiment has been lost to the sinkholes of the marshes, and the soggy terrain affords little purchase to the heavy siege engines that a foe might bring to bear.

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