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Market Square

Capital Cities Empire Lands Undefined Storyline


location: Altdorf, Reikland

zone: Altdorf (Peaceful)

Public Quest: Karl Franz's Last Stand

Public Quest: Bright College

Public Quest: Temple of Sigmar



previous chapter is: The Inevitable City

Chapter Lore: Beginning life as little more than a small settlement on the Reik River, Altdorf has since grown into the capital of the largest kingdom of the Old World. Through the city flow the goods and riches of the Empire, which travel down the Reik to the Empire's many provences. Gossip, fads fashion travel the waters as easily as any good, and many a citizen of the Empire look to the ships of the river for news from the capital. It is little wonder then why Altdorf is called the heart of the Empire, and the Reik its veins.

Atldorf is also the magical, religious, and governmental hub of the Empire, a claim that few other cities in the world can make. The Colleges of Magic reside in Altdorf, and led by Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann and the Bright College, each lends their arcane strength to the armies of the Empire. Meanwhile, Grand Theogonist Volkmar and the Temple of Sigmar continue to guide the Empire's citizens through the darkness of the Age of the Recknoing, when mutants and heretics abound. From atop his throne in the Imperial Palace, the Emperor, Karl Franz, surveys his city, and through his intelligence and cunning shepherds mankind through these dark times.

Even in the Age of Recknoning Altdorf remains its vibrant self, full of the luxury, violence, corruption, and joy that has earned the city its foremost place in the Empire. From the docks to the markets, the guilds to the taverns, there is no place in Altdorf devoid of life.

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