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High Elf Chapter 1

High Elf Chapter 1 Order Storyline


location: Calumel, Blighted Isles

npc: Captain Talorith

zone: The Blighted Isle

Public Quest: House Arkaneth

previous chapter is: High Elf

next chapter is: An Ill Omen

Chapter Lore: The massive Black Ark cast a long, dark shadow over the northern cliffs of the Blighted Isle. Legions of Dark Elf warriors poured from the great maw of the Black Ark, accompanied by fell beasts of war. Manticores, Cold Ones, and Hydras were led by black-visaged Beastmasters, while rank upon rank of grim-faced Dark Elf warriors stormed the ancient High Elf village of Calumel.

Udaen Mournfire stood bravely against the invaders, just as the Mournfire lineage had for millennia, but the weight of this tide was too great to turn back. The Dark Elves invaded in numbers the likes of which had not been seen since the Day of Blood. The sound of a hundred cries echoed between the surrounding spires as Mournfire, the beloved prince of Calumel, fell before the Dark Elf Matriarch, Lady Arkaneth.

Calumel lay in ruins. The few remaining survivors fled to Moonrise Forest. The cruel Lady Arkaneth dispatched scouts to pursue the refugees while she led the brunt of her House's army further south, into the heart of the Blighted Isle. All hope seemed lost until the clarion call of a silver High Elf trumpet carried on the wind.

High Elf warriors, clad in livery of Asuryan, emerged from an Undersea cave. They were the Shining Guard. Led by Prince Eldrion, this regiment quickly fortified their position and surveyed what was left of Calumel.

"Prince!" cried Eldrion's most trusted advisor, Captain Talorith. "Witch Elves close in on us from the east!"

The Prince turned to see several of the Dark Elf witches racing toward his formation. They had approached stealthily, sneaking between foliage and rock using the chaos of Calumel's ruins as a diversion.

"Take up arms and prepare for attack!" Prince Eldrion barked.

The Witch Elves were swift, closing the distance to the Undersea cave with great speed. Their eyes were ablaze with eagerness to spill the blood of their kin.

Prince Eldrion drew his sword. "Do not succumb to fear or hatred," he warned his men. "Calm your minds, and remember your training."

The Witch Elves were everywhere now. They had closed in on the Shining Guard from all angles.

"Attack!" cried the Prince, and the High Elves charged toward the enemy.

The ensuing battle was brief, but savage. The Witch Elves' eagerness for blood proved their undoing, and none survived. "You fought with honor and courage, but do not think all battles will be so easily won," the Prince addressed his regiment as he cleaned the gore from his blade.

At that moment, the Shadow Warrior Sariel Keenbow rode into the village center, dismounting gracefully. She bowed before the Prince and delivered her report. "Prince Eldrion," she began, "the Black Ark has landed on the eastern side of Calumel. They have fortified their position. The dark army marches southward."

Eldrion knew that he had not the numbers to face the brunt of this force directly. He quickly made up his mind and ordered Sariel and a regiment of Shadow Warriors to form up. "Venture into Azurewood," he told them. "Use the magic of the forest to conceal your positions. Make calculated strikes, then wait. When their nobles are drunk with celebration, and their confidence grows to betray them, we will cut their proud legs out from under them. It is then that we will attack the Black Ark."

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