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High Elf Chapter 4
zone: Chrace

High Elf Chapter 4 Order Storyline

The Stone of Imrahir

location: Cliffs of Ushuru, Chrace

npc: Captain Caduin Goldbough

zone: Chrace

Public Quest: Blackwood Hill Garrison

Public Quest: Elisia

Public Quest: Stone of Imrahir

previous chapter is: Tor Aendris

next chapter is: Discovery at Mirelen

Chapter Lore: Thunder boomed in the sky and dark clouds hung low overhead, threatening to drown the High Elf riders in a deluge of rain. Caduin Goldbough spurred his horse on and prayed to Asuryan that he and the company of Silver Helms who roe with him would not be too late.

Lightning split the sky and in that brief moment of illumination, Goldbough could make out the shape of the Stone of Imrathir that lay ahead. Several figures encircled the great menhir, and their hands were held aloft in a ritual of some kind. The Dark Elves had found the stone.

Goldbough, a mage serving in the Shining Guard, had pursued the Dark Elves since the battle at Greywind Shoals. It had become clear to the High Elves that their enemies had not come to conquer Ulthuan simply by defeating its armies. They had something more insidious in mind, but they had concealed their purpose masterfully.

Following the ley lines southward, the Dark Elves were making for the Stone of Imrathir, one of the menhirs that anchored the powerful vortex, a great siphon of magical power built long ago to protect the world from the destructive energies of Chaos. Control of the menhirs and the vortex would give the Dark Ones a nearly insurmountable advantage in the war, and the High Elves could not allow that to happen.

With a great battle-cry, Caduin Goldbough charged the Dark Elves gathered around the stone. He raised his staff above his head and unleashed the Winds of Magic in a torrent of fiery destruction. The dozen Silver Helms behind him joined the fray and set upon the Dark Elves with terrible fury.

One after another, the Dark Elf Sorcerers fell. Only through sheer will was Goldbough able to avoid descending into a bloodthirsty frenzy. The enemy showed no such restraint, flailing out wildly with poisoned daggers and hastily weaving the Winds into bolts of dark energy to hurl at their foes. More than once, the mage felt the cold sting of the Sorcerers' potent dark magic, but the sheer ferocity of the High Elves' surprise attack soon overwhelmed the enemy.

When the last of the Sorcerers was dead, Goldbough slumped to his knees, too exhausted to stand. Fully half his comrades had fallen in the conflict, but they had prevented whatever dark rite their evil kin were attempting. Or rather, postponed it a bit longer, the mage thought grimly.

His hands shook from the terrible rage that had gripped him only moments before. He found the depth of his hate unnerving. The High Elves might prevail in this war, but at what cost? With each savage battle they would become more like their foes, until even in their moment of victory, the High Elves would be defeated.

Suddenly, the skies opened up and unleashed a great torrent of rain. Caduin Goldbough was grateful, for he knew the Dark Elves would not launch a counterattack in such conditions.

The rain had bought him time, though how much he could not know.

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