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High Elf Chapter 5

High Elf Chapter 5 Order Storyline

Discovery at Mirelen

location: Mathrin's Watch, Shadowlands

npc: Mathrin Leafwind

zone: The Shadowlands

Public Quest: Mirelen

Public Quest: Cold-Hearted Predators

Public Quest: Broken Dunes

previous chapter is: The Stone of Imrahir

next chapter is: Difficult Choices

Chapter Lore: As the last of the Dark Elves withdrew into the heavy fog, Ilfaera pulled the Winds of Magic about her. Her brow furrowed as she struggled to shape the Winds into a ball of flame. Until recently, such an act had been effortless, but now the exertion was far greater. By the time she completed her spell, the warriors of Naggaroth were nowhere to be seen.

The Magess bowed her head and leaned upon a stone pillar. She was weary, too weary for such a simple spell.

"This is the Dark Elves' doing," said Ilfaera's brother, Tiramaen. "They are working their dark sorceries upon the menhirs, weakening the magic of the land and we along with it."

Ilfaera stood and breathed deeply. "I will manage, brother. Now, let us find out why the Dark Elves came here."

Several days had passed since the battle at the Stone of Imrathir. Though the High Elves had protected the greater menhir, many of the lesser stones had fallen to the Dark Elves. Knowing that his forces could not protect all of the hundreds of magical stones, Prince Tyrion had ordered the Shining Guard across the Shadowlands to defend the next greater menhir.

As they crossed the bleak and broken landscape, Tiramaen's Guard regiment had unexpectedly come upon a group of Dark Elves at the ancient village of Merelen. They had fled without much of a fight. Ilfaera had guessed that the Witch King's soldiers were not expecting to do battle here; they had been up to something in the village, and were caught by surprise.

Ilfaera and Tiramaen walked to the center of the village. There, a large hole had been dug and several of the High Elves were lifting an ornate chest from the pit. When they had set it down on the ground, Tiramaen knelt before the chest.

"It is old, perhaps dating back as far as the Sundering," remarked Ilfaera as she studied the chest. "Some artifact of Nagarythe, perhaps? That would explain the Dark Elves' interest in it."

Tiraeman opened the chest carefully. Within were several scrolls, all yellowed with age. He handed one of the scrolls to his sister. The Magess unrolled the parchment and read it silently to herself. When she reached the end, she gasped.

"Brother! These are the writings of Saruthil!"

"The prophet?" asked Tiramaen. All High Elves knew the legend of Saruthil, the seer whose visions had revealed momentous events of the future. His writings were thought lost millennia ago

"This very scroll foretells a battle in this village, when the exiled sons and daughters of Ulthuan will return and the might of our people shall fade. This battle is part of a great war that will be heralded by a bleeding sun."

An eerie silence descended on the village. None of the High Elves spoke. The memory of the strange red eclipse that had preceded the Dark Elves' invasion was still fresh in their minds.

"We must uncover the rest of the prophecy. If Saruthil foresaw these events, then perhaps in his visions we can learn how to stop the Dark Elves' plan."

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