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High Elf Chapter 6

High Elf Chapter 6 Order Storyline

Difficult Choices

location: Sorrowstrand, Shadowlands

npc: Captain Nenthuil

zone: The Shadowlands

Public Quest: Broken Spirits

Public Quest: Laurilion Caves

Public Quest: Forgotten Future

previous chapter is: Discovery at Mirelen

next chapter is: Bladewatch

Chapter Lore: The central plaza of Mirelen lay exposed to the elements, a maze of toppled statues and broken earth. A large depression seemed to be the focus of the Dark Elf expedition, still littered with a mess of pulleys and ladders had been abandoned during the violent struggle. Untouched amid the ropes a large earth-covered shape sat, waiting.

Ilfaera cautiously cut the bindings, revealing a trunk-like shape beneath. The loremaster gently brushed away a centuries worth of detritus, exposing an ornately carved metal surface. Precious gems had been worked into the swirling ithilmar inlay to form Elf runes.

"It is old, perhaps dating back as far as the Sundering," remarked Ilfaera as she studied the chest. "Some artifact of Nagarythe, perhaps? That would explain the Dark Elves' interest in it."

The massive lid swung open easily. Within were several scrolls, all yellowed with age. Tiramaen handed one of the scrolls to his sister. Ilfaera unrolled the parchment and read it silently to herself, mouth moving silently as she puzzled out the ancient text.

"Brother! These are the writings of Saruthil!"

"The prophet?" asked Tiramaen. All High Elves knew the legend of Saruthil, the seer whose visions had revealed momentous events of the future. His writings were thought lost millennia ago during his flight from Ulthuan.

"This very scroll foretells a battle in this village, when the Dark Elves will return and the might of our people shall fade. This battle is part of a great war that will be heralded by a bleeding sun. Listen:

"The sky shall tear asunder,
crimson fire from the wounded moon.
The ancient places lay cracked and broken
Forgotten wisdom signals the storm
On a sea of swords the phoenix flies
These ravaged lands submerged in blood.
The gathering dark once more betrayed
As night descends upon the silver web.
Sundered oaths stretch across sundered seas
The restless gathered at the spiraling isle
Herald the coming dawn."

An eerie silence descended on the village. The memory of the strange red eclipse that had preceded the Dark Elves' invasion was still fresh in their minds.

"We must decipher the rest of the prophecy. If Saruthil foresaw these events, then perhaps in his visions we can learn how to stop the Dark Elves."

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