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High Elf Warcamp

High Elf Warcamp Order Storyline


location: Bladewatch, Shadowlands

npc: Lasira Swiftbow

zone: The Shadowlands

Objective: Unicorn Siege Camp

Objective: Shadow Spire

Objective: The Reaver Stables

Objective: The Needle of Ellyrion

Objective: Cascades of Thunder

Objective: Spite's Reach

previous chapter is: Difficult Choices

next chapter is: Shades of Meaning

Chapter Lore: Lasira Swiftbow was normally content to hide in the shadows and serve Ulthuan unseen. But with the Dark Elves making a push for the Unicorn Gate, she had been asked to lead the new recruits from the Shining Guard into battle. No longer could she hide amongst the trees, dealing death from afar. Now she had to march beside fresh-faced youths, many of whom were nervous at their first taste of battle.

If she could not mold these young High Elves into a fighting force capable of repelling their hated cousins from the island, then Ulthuan would surely fall. In this, she could not fail.

She stood upon a crate and addressed her troops, "I could cast my gaze far and wide from the top of the Needle of Ellyrion. I could fly among the Great Eagles and look through their sharp eyes. I could even climb to the top of the Unicorn Gate, and still my eyes would not fall upon finer warriors than those I see before me."

A great cheer rose from the crowd as Swiftbow's words inflamed them with pride and vigor.

"A great evil approaches our beloved Lothern; bespoiling our lands and seeking to destroy all we hold dear. This, friends, we cannot allow to happen." More cheers. She scanned the ranks of screaming warriors and saw nothing but young - too young - eager faces looking back upon her. How willing they were to march to their deaths at her beck and call. It was a heady realization, one that must have tempted many a leader throughout history.

The cheering fell away like clouds after a summer storm and Lasira continued, "I know that the task that has been asked of us will not be easy, but it can be done. It must be done. It will be done!"

She waited for the cheers to dissipate once again. "In the morning, we retake the Dragonscale Tower and then the enemy will be on their heels. Tonight, we shall rest and be at peace. I fear it will be the last respite we will have for some time, so use it wisely."

Lasira Swiftbow stepped down from her makeshift podium feeling desperately old and wondering if the mantle of leadership she now wore would turn out to be an ill-fitting garment. Tomorrow she would know for sure.

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