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High Elf Chapter 9
zone: Ellyrion

High Elf Chapter 9 Order Storyline

Plain Council

location: Reaverspring, Ellyrion

npc: Ithiloen Truedale

zone: Ellyrion

Public Quest: The Well Springs

Public Quest: Shady Tower

Public Quest: Gates of Elthrai

previous chapter is: Battle at the Gate

next chapter is: Guerrilla Tactics

Chapter Lore: A mighty camp of Ellyrian Reavers and Shining Guard warriors sprawled, resplendent banners fluttering above the plains of Ellyrion. Rising from the sea of spun silk, the war standard of the Shining Guard waved atop the crown of the commander's tent.

"The Dark Elves have won through the Unicorn Gate. If we cannot hold them at the Elyr Watch nothing will stand between their army and Tor Elyr." Ithiloen Truedale motioned westward, unshed tears gathering as the setting sun covered the rolling plains with a film of scarlet light.

"Be easy, Ithiloen. Liraedean holds the Dragon Gate, and we will hold the Watch. For their transgressions upon the plains, our cousins will find nothing in Ellyrion save death." Elriorl Blazebow's words dropped, cold and emotionless as a stone.

"Proud words, Horse Lord. But ones that may yet prove wrong. Even now our cousins move freely through the Griffon Gate, and only time will reveal whether our forces at the Unicorn Gate will prove victorious. What if any hope does the prophecy provide?" Yrilles Whitetor turned expectantly to the silent shape at his side.

"'The gathering dark once more betrayed as night descends upon the silver web'. Though Saruthil's words speak of many things, we believe these reference unrest within the Dark Elf ranks, a weakness we may be able to exploit to our advantage." Loremaster Maenir shook back his hood, revealing a shock of startlingly white hair. "Our loremasters continue to decipher the text, but this much we have learned: Ulthuan is the crux upon which the fate of the world now hangs. Our actions will determine the outcome of the larger battle between the forces of Order and Chaos."

"These words ring true, Ithiloen. Our scouts have returned word of not one but two Houses involved in the assault." Elriol added quietly.

"Then our course is clear. Elriol's Reavers will continue to sweep Ellyrion, bringing death to those who would desecrate the sanctity of the plains. Yrilles will head the defense of the Elyr Watch."

"It will be my honor to serve, Ithiloen." Yrilles bowed courteously.

"Meanwhile our Shadow Warriors will gather more information on the weakness Loremaster Maenir spoke of. If we can turn our cousins against each other, they will devastate their own forces far more than we could ever hope."

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