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High Elf Chapter 10
zone: Avelorn

High Elf Chapter 10 Order Storyline

Guerrilla Tactics

location: Fernwood, Avelorn

npc: Cirribhir Strongwing

zone: Avelorn

Public Quest: Slash and Burn

Public Quest: Ritual of Corruption

Public Quest: Rotten Embrace

previous chapter is: Plain Council

next chapter is: Corruption of the Forest

Chapter Lore: Cirribhir Strongwing sighted down the length of his arm, following the near silent movements of an Uthorin Shade as he moved through the trees. A sudden flurry of wings distracted his target and Cirribhir smiled in satisfaction. Seconds later the Uthorin Shade lay dead, an arrow buried in his chest. Within moments Cirribhir was at the slain warrior's side, carefully working the telltale arrow from the wound and replacing it with a reaper bolt bearing the sigil of House Uthorin.

Withdrawing from the clearing, Strongwing swung back up into the branches of a nearby tree, patterned clothing disappearing against the mossy bark.. From this hidden vantage he quickly surveyed the scene, ensuring no sign of his presence remained.

The battle for Ellyrion had spilled past the border as the Shining Guard struggled to hold the Unicorn Gate against the servants of the Witch King. Sensing the futility of blocking their enemies progression through the grasslands, the High Elf leaders had decided to pull back into the trackless forests of Avelorn. Here near the heart of Ulthuan, the disparity in numbers would have little to no impact as the Shining Guard attacked the Dark Elf forces time and time again only to turn and lose themselves among the trees. The tactic had seemed sound, until the Dark Elf forces had begun burning the trees. All would have been lost but for the news of one courier staggering into camp; a courier from Ellyrion bearing the standards of not one but two Dark Elf houses. If the invaders would not be conquered by the land, Cirribhir and his archers would be all too willing to stoke the fires of their dark kin's pride and paranoia to their ultimate undoing.

The harsh syllables of Naggarond broke Cirribhir's concentration?, alerting the warrior to the presence of his new quarry. Slowly the shades gathered about the fallen Dark Elf, their movements almost boneless with serpentine grace?. As one lifted the bolt from the corpse's chest, another scanned the surrounding trees, eyes flat with suspicion and an emotion Cirribhir recognized as greed.

"Uthorin!" That one word endowed with a degree of hate undeniable through any translation.

Cirribhir permitted himself one final small smile as the quarry took the bait. Distracted by infighting between the two houses, the weakened Dark Elf forces could be wiped from Avelorn, and perhaps pushed back through Ellyrion to the shores of the Blighted Isle beyond.

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