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High Elf Chapter 11
zone: Avelorn

High Elf Chapter 11 Order Storyline

Corruption of the Forest

location: Grimwater, Avelorn

npc: Aeddriel Swiftspear

zone: Avelorn

Public Quest: The Falls of Renewal

Public Quest: Deathwind Pass

Public Quest: The Shrieking Meadow

previous chapter is: Guerrilla Tactics

next chapter is: Gaen Mere

Chapter Lore: A glistening film of pallid slime coated the still pool, rocks laid bare save a thin trail of greenish ooze?. Slow bubbles worked their way to the surface, disturbing the corpses of fish and waterbirds caught in the sludge and releasing noxious fumes into the rotting vale.

Choking on the fetid air, Aeddriel Swiftspear drove her spear into the decaying body of another boil-ridden nurgling as if it were the darkened heart of Malekith himself. "The Dark Elves have brought this virulence to Ulthuan," she thought. "Have the icy reaches of Naggaroth finally driven them mad?"

The forest's corruption was spreading. Erupting wherever the human allies of the Dark Elves worked their magics, the disease was resistant to both natural and magical remedies. Soon Aeddriel knew it would be beyond all hope of containment. Worse still, creatures were beginning to be warped by the contagion, becoming nightmarish reflections of their former selves?. Pleas sent to the Everqueen through the Well of Whispers had gone unanswered, and the enmity of the Dark Elf houses had proven much more difficult to exploit than first imagined.

Rather than turn against each other as they had hoped, Houses Uthorin and Arkaneth had seemingly found unity of purpose in hunting down the ones who had instigated the fighting. That their own treachery had initially set things in motion was a fact House Uthorin was more than willing to gloss over. The swift victory the Shining Host hoped for had become creeping war as the High Elf army found itself forced to stand and fight.

A nurgling threw itself at the High Elf ranks, latching onto Aedrriel's left calf with a gurgle of joy. Biting back a scream of, Aeddriel sent the nurgling reeling with a violent kick. The ichor-coated spear flashed down, pinning the creature to the slick ground as it thrashed in chuckling agony, maggots boiling from the wound. Warriors to either side closed ranks, allowing her a moment to bind the wound. If not cleansed quickly the bite would fester, but the swarming ranks of chaos creatures left her with little choice. The retreat through Avelorn depended upon the strength of each troop. If Aeddriel's regiment could not hold back the misshapen horde, countless other lives would be lost.

Staring into the putrescent tide of clawed and babbling misshapen beasts, Aeddriel knew a moment of despair. "Why does the Everqueen not answer our call? Where is Alarielle?"

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