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High Elf Warcamp
zone: Avelorn

High Elf Warcamp Order Storyline

Gaen Mere

location: Gaen Mere, Avelorn

npc: Eliren Stormshade

zone: Avelorn


Objective: Wood Choppaz Camp

Objective: Maiden's Landing

Objective: Spire of Teclis

Objective: Sari' Daroir


Objective: Ghrond's Sacristy

Objective: Well of Qhaysh

previous chapter is: Corruption of the Forest

next chapter is: Killing Blow

Chapter Lore: Beads of perspiration dotted her fair brow as Eliren Stormshade fought to keep the link to the spirit world open. Before her, the wraith-like form of an Elf undulated and danced. The ghostly being spoke with a voice so faint it was but a whisper on the wind, "No, my child, I see no sign of the Everqueen. She is hidden even from my eyes."

A pang of sorrow struck Eliren like a blade to the stomach. With her concentration momentarily weakened, the form of her ancestor swam and faded. The wave of emotion threatened to sever the tenuous link the handmaiden had with her ancestor.

Drawing upon a century's worth of discipline, Eliren forced herself to concentrate on the task of maintaining the spell. The ghostly form suddenly sharpened into focus once more.

"Have the Dark Elves slain Alarielle?" Eliren nearly choked on the word as she said it.

The ghostly form answered, "Her spirit is not amongst us. She yet lives."

"Thank you, Grandmother," said the handmaiden as she dismissed the link.

It was not the best news she could have hoped for, but Eliren Stormshade was glad to know that the Everqueen still lived - it meant she may yet reclaim her kingdom. Eliren felt like a usurper as she tried to defend the forest in her mistress' absence and could not bear the thought that Lady Alarielle might not return.

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