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High Elf Chapter 13
zone: Saphery

High Elf Chapter 13 Order Storyline

Houses of Learning

location: Thornvale Manor, Saphery

npc: Berliol Shadowseer

zone: Saphery

Public Quest: The Platinum Tower

Public Quest: Thanon Hall

Public Quest: The Circle of the Winds

previous chapter is: Killing Blow

next chapter is: Uncertain Ground

Chapter Lore: The scrying circle streamed with silver light as a scene of carnage continued to unfold. The greenlit bowers of the Gaen Vale echoed with combat as the remaining members of the Everqueen's Guard fought against the twisted and changed creatures of the forest. The numbers of dead and dying were too great to count. Twisting with effort, Berliol Shadowseer focused the spell further. The window brightened momentarily, and Berliol searched the scene for any sign of the missing Alarielle.

Unnoticed by the archmage, a sweet smelling fog began to fall from the hovering window, filling the air with a heady musk. "Berliol! You must break the spell!"

"First I must find her, Tharlyss." Berliol turned glazed eyes back to his search. The vale was filling with a smoky haze, making it difficult to identify the bodies.The sound of steel unsheathing whispered across the room as Tharlyss readied for battle.

"Break it now, Berliol, or you will leave me no choice. Something has gone awry." A sobbing laughter twined its way around Tharlyss's spine, and the Swordmaster felt his resolve crumbling, distracted by thoughts of the perfect sword stroke, the perfect blade. "Berliol?..."

The archmage's face contorted with effort as the harnessed Winds of Magic continued to fight against his control. At last he gave a great despairing cry as the spell was torn asunder and the room grew dark.

"I almost had her, Tharlyss." Berliol's haggard face was wet with perspiration.

"Untrue my friend. Something almost had us both." The swordmaster shook his head.

"Would you have me abandon all hope then?"

"Not abandon hope, no. But abandon foolishness. Our ranks dwindle by the day, Berliol. Saphery is under siege! Or had you not noticed?"

The Raven Host army had punched through Avelorn, burning and killing as they went. Now they massed on the Saphery border, building siege from trees felled by their greenskin allies.

"Alarielle is the heart?..." Berliol began patiently.

"And she would not thank you for needlessly opening yourself to our enemies. The Everqueen's champion is more than capable of defending her against all odds, and Serenadain will guard her with both wing and claw. We must put our faith in them."

"Then what-" a measured knock interrupted the hopeless query. "Enter!"

The door swung inward upon on silent hinges to admit two cloaked High Elves. One figure was instantly recognized by the loremaster. The other was an enigma, power emanating from the faceless hood.

"Ranira! This is joy unlooked for." A gentle smile curved Ranira's lips as she bowed to her one time mentor.

"Loremaster Berliol, Swordmaster, allow me to present the Sage Saruthil."

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