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High Elf Chapter 15
zone: Eataine

High Elf Chapter 15 Order Storyline

Eataine in Flames

location: Goldenvale Manor, Eataine

npc: Aelthyan Brightedge

zone: Eataine

Public Quest: Siege of Anyerrial

Public Quest: Da Orkwerks

Public Quest: Ceylnath Vineyards

previous chapter is: Uncertain Ground

next chapter is: Conqueror's Descent

Chapter Lore: The long column of Shining Guard warriors marched steadily through the foothills, silver helms reflecting the crimson light of the setting sun. The struggle for Saphery had not gone well.

Against all odds, the ancient sage Saruthil had been located in Empire lands, and had returned to take counsel with the learned of Saphery. Even the wisest among them proved unable to foresee the Dark Elves' true intentions. The Dreadblight Coven had fought for control of the Cairnmoor menhir, only to drain the stone of power. The result had been disastrous.

Almost immediately the ground began to shake with a series of faint tremors, until with a deafening roar the land was torn asunder. Aelthyan could only watch in horror as ley energies sparked and swirled in the abyss where once a tower had once stood.

The decision to march into Eataine was reached, backed unanimously by the loremasters who believed Saruthil's presence at the Vortex would aid in stabilizing the chaotic energies unleashed by the draining of the menhir at Cairnmoor.

For Aelthyan Brightblade, the move was anything but a fulfillment of prophecy. The heart of Ulthuan's military might lay in Eataine, as did the reinforcements the Shining Guard so desperately needed. Hope swelled in the commander's chest as the Dawn Outpost came into view. A small patrol of spearmen approached, lead by a captain too young to be handling spears.

"Praise Asuryan you made it safely, my brothers! When we heard the news, we feared all our forces had been lost." The excited greeting took the commander momentarily by surprise.

"The loss of the Cairnmoor menhir is a severe blow, made none the less painful by our inability to anticipate the Dark Elves' purpose." The young captain blanched, all relief vanishing from his earnest face.

"Then you have not heard?" Aelthyan caught and held the young captain's eyes, waiting grimly. "The White Tower of Hoeth has fallen my lord. The whole of western Saphery is under Dark Elf control."

The breath left the commander in a rush as he turned to look back at the regiment waiting silent and dusty in the cooling dusk. To imagine that these few were all that was left of Saphery's defenders. Oh Isha have mercy upon your children, Aelthyan's prayed silently.

The young captain continued, "The evil tidings do not end there, brother. Anyerrial has been taken, and Ulerell Grove burns. Commander, do you not understand? Eataine is under attack!"

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