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High Elf Warcamp
zone: Eataine

High Elf Warcamp Order Storyline

Conqueror's Descent

location: Conqueror's Descent, Caledor

npc: Eliren Stormshade

zone: Eataine

Objective: Senlathain Stand

Objective: Sarathanan Vale

Objective: Shrine of the Conqueror

Objective: Druchii Barracks

Objective: Pillars of Remembrance

Objective: Arbor of Light

previous chapter is: Eataine in Flames

next chapter is: Homecoming

Chapter Lore: "We are riders of the Dragons and masters of the mountains! We are the Dragon Princes, and we shall uphold the legacies of Caledor and Imrik!"

In reply, the Dragon Princes gathered at Conqueror's Watch raised their fists in the air and cried out "For Caledor! For Imrik!"

Ki'fen Treloris paused a moment before continuing. He wanted to let the sound of that cheer echo among the mountain peaks so that it would be heard for miles. So that it would be heard by the Dark Elves.

When silence returned, Prince Treloris continued.

"Now attend, sons of Caledor, for a momentous hour is at hand. The black traitors of Naggaroth have been pushed back to the very gates of their cursed Black Ark. While the Witch King cowers in his fortress, he sends his soldiers out to guard the approach. The enemy is desperate and disorganized, and we will drive them off the high bluffs and into the hungry sea below!"

The assembled company of Dragon Princes did not cheer this time, but instead nodded grimly. Backed into a corner, the enemy would be dangerous. Though confident in their ultimate victory, the guardians of Ulthuan had no illusions that they would lose many good soldiers in the fighting.

"Before we strike the final hammer-blow, there is another matter that requires our attention," continued Prince Treloris. "Scattered pockets of resistance still remain throughout Caledor. Though beaten, the enemy still attacks our ancient shrines out of spite. The memory of Tethlis the Slayer and Caledor the Conqueror burns in their minds and their hatred compels them to strike out even thought the cause is already lost."

Treloris leaned forward and retrieved a large map from a case. He unrolled the map on a wooden table and then pointed to a location near the center of Caledor.

"At the Shrine of the Conqueror, the enemy has strength. We will strike there first and wrest control of the Shrine from the invaders. Then, we will move on the defensive line the Dark Elves have established to guard their Black Ark. When we break through, nothing will stand between the Dragon Princes and the Witch King.

"And then," finished the Prince, lowering his voice, "there will be a reckoning."

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