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High Elf Chapter 16
zone: Eataine

High Elf Chapter 16 Order Storyline


location: Eataine Mustering, Eataine

npc: Saelir Halloril

zone: Eataine

Public Quest: The Tower of Aversil

Public Quest: The Well of Sar-Saroth

Public Quest: Neversong

previous chapter is: Conqueror's Descent

next chapter is: The Call of Time

Chapter Lore: Turning, Sollarna could just make out the distant shapes of High Elves working feverishly among the smoky haze of Anyerrial. Though the city had been returned to High Elf control, the battle had not been without terrible loss. The blackened buildings still smouldering in the morning light had once held the pride of the Ulthuan military, a force now at half strength after many months of relentless war.

Sollarna grimaced as a sudden gust of acrid air from the Ceylnath Vineyards launched another coughing fit. Her thoughts turned sour. What good was victory if the land was destroyed? The Dark Elves seemed so bound on destroying everything in their path, either by themselves or through the hands of their allies, that she wondered whether Malekith really intended to rule Ulthuan after all. Lifting her face into the wind, Sollarna allowed the salt-tinged air to wash away her dark musings. The Shining Guard was not alone. All of Eataine had risen to combat the army marching across their land. The Dark Elves would find the south of Ulthuan a difficult and dangerous fruit to pluck.

A regiment of spearmen and archers under the command of Lord Saelir Haleril had joined with the Shining Guard forces just outside of the Vale of Dawn, and the noble had pledged additional support from his estate to the south. With the militia raised from Haleril's lands, the Shining Host would once again have sufficient numbers to continue on toward Eataine's coast and the Isle of the Dead.

Saruthil rode now at the center of the column, a troop of Shining Guard warriors shielding the ancient sage from possible attack. The sage's adamant insistence had met with stiff opposition until the tremors began to shake Ulthuan. Now there was no avoiding the truth: if the Vortex could not be stabilized, Ulthuan would be destroyed. Securing the Vortex would also mean the loss of their greatest resource, for the ancient loremaster would be caught out of time with his brethren.

Very soon now the Shining Guard would reach the Tower of Anversil and launch their ships toward the infamous Isle. Sollarna could not help but wonder at the slender thread upon which all their hopes were hung.

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