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High Elf Chapter 17

High Elf Chapter 17 Order Storyline

The Call of Time

location: Haleril's Resolve, Eataine

npc: Aenarma Fellwater

zone: Dragonwake

Public Quest: The Ritual of Life

Public Quest: The Ritual of Death

Public Quest: The Ritual of the Heavens

Public Quest: The Ritual of Beasts

previous chapter is: Homecoming

next chapter is: Dragonwake

Chapter Lore: Aenarma Fellwater looked seaward, willing success upon the boats vanishing into the misty haze. The beach below swarmed with activity as the Shining Guard prepared another vessel to sail.

"Events have not progressed entirely as I could have wished, Aenarma." The sadness in the Archmage's eyes lifted at the sound of the familiar voice.

The initial attempt to secure the Tower of Aversil had failed, costing the Shining Guard forces precious time and irreplaceable lives. Ruling that the Dark Elves could not yet hold every coastal village on the inner sea, Saelir Haleril sent a small expedition west into the outer reaches of Dragonwake under the command of Baelthir Ashlock. By the time the Shining Guard had beaten back the Dark Elf hordes, Baelthir's courier had returned, bringing with him news of a secured landing and empty ships.

"Even you are not proof against the machinations of our dark kin, Baelthir. Has the sage been readied?"

"Saruthil has eyes only for the Isle of the Dead," the Swordmaster mused. "I believe he yearns for the completion of this journey more than anyone else."

"His presence will strengthen the Vortex, but our people will suffer for the loss of his wisdom. The kin-traitors would deny us even that."

"Then perhaps we should be giving thanks." Baelthir's eyes gleamed in the uncertain light.

"By Isha, what for?" Aenarma cried. "Sacrifice? Sorrow? These are lessons brutally etched into the face of every High Elf who stands to accompany Saruthil on his final journey. They know that to set foot upon the Isle is a death sentence!"

"The mind of Malekith is known to our king, and from the Phoenix Throne Finubar has given his blessing for our journey. Do not forget, there are others who go to their fate as well. The Shining Guard that sail to the Isle are safe from the black eternity we all fear. Those who ride into Caledor have no such hope. Yet they go, and willingly."

Following the narrow line of mounted warriors and spearmen marching deeper into Dragonwake, Aenarma stoically sketched a sigil in the air.

"Asuryan grant their sacrifice is not in vain."

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