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High Elf Chapter 20

High Elf Chapter 20 Order Storyline


location: Cinderblade, Dragonwake

npc: Prince Endhil

zone: Dragonwake

Public Quest: Drake's Rest

Public Quest: Ulan Bel

Public Quest: Shadowchasm

previous chapter is: Vaul's Anvil

next chapter is: Eataine Mustering

Chapter Lore: The Shining Guard army stood at attention, ranks placed in perfect precision along the arid landscape of the Wildsteppe. Spearmen, archers, and knights from across Ulthuan had converged upon the open plateau just inside Caledor's border. They were to begin the final push to the west, where the Black Ark Nemesis of Ulthuan lurked, a black speck upon the horizon.

The journey had not been easy. Traveling southwest across the Dragonspine Mountains, the Shining Guard had discovered an abomination at Vaul's Anvil. Precious time and resources had been spent liberating the ancient site from the hands of the Hag Queen, Hellebron. The battle for Vaul's Anvil resulted in the outfitting of a few Dragon Princes and their Dragon steeds, but the cost had been high. Of the blind Smith-Priests, few now remained. No new armor would be forged at Vaul's Anvil for quite some time.

Seeing the great show of strength amassing on the windswept plain, Prince Endhil knew a moment of calm assurance. The Shining Guard would prevail; nothing could stand against the might of the warriors gathered here. Had they not, one and all, already pledged their lives in the defense of their ancient land?

"Those who have braved the Isle of the Dead have nothing to fear from mortal foes." A smile tugged at the corners of Endhil's mouth. "Not when they have the valor of the Dragon Princes to carry them to victory."

"Prince Endhil, a word if I may?" At the Dragon Prince's gesture, the dust-covered Shadow Warrior continued quickly. "Stormspear has learned that the Dark Elves are planning an ambush along the Ithalan Passage. Should we change course?"

"No. Forwarned is forarmed. I believe our dark kin will find we are not so easily trapped. You may return to your patrol, and see that Stormspear is advised we are proceeding as planned."

Rising from a graceful bow, the Shadow Warrior retired, blending quickly into the dun-colored surroundings.

Signalling the advance, Prince Endhil watched in satisfaction as the first ranks of Silverhelms began the westward march. The warriors of Naggarond were about to discover the impossibility of ambushing an enemy in their own land, hopefully scant moments before their demise.

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