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High Elf Warcamp
zone: Caledor

High Elf Warcamp Order Storyline

Eataine Mustering

location: Eataine Mustering, Eataine

npc: Koridrel Ebonshard

zone: Caledor

Objective: Chillwind Manor

Objective: Bel-Korhadris' Solitude

Objective: Sanctuary of Dreams

Objective: Ulthorin Siege Camp

Objective: Hatred's Way

Objective: Wrath's Resolve

previous chapter is: Subterfuge

next chapter is: Buying Time

Chapter Lore: A group of High Elves stood before a large wall of rock. Embedded with the stone was a vein of silvery metal that sparkled in the morning sun.

"Ithilmar", said the tall Dragon Prince named Arithan Stormbreaker. He spoke the word reverently, almost in a whisper. The word was heavy with meaning. It was not just ithilmar that lay buried in the rock - it was renewed hope.

The war had not gone well for the High Elves. The forces of the enemy had proven nearly unstoppable, marching through the Blighted Isle and Chrace, into the Shadowlands and through the gates to the Inner Kingdoms. The greenskins had joined in the attack, crafting war barges from the trees in Avelorn and using them to ferry their foul hordes across the Inner Sea.

Now the great demand for new weapons and armor was taxing the resources of the High Elves' smiths. New stocks of ithilmar would mean new equipment for the warriors of the Shining Guard.

"We must secure this place." said the Dragon Prince to his lieutenants. There were eight of them in all, scouting the area on horseback for signs of the advancing enemy.

Lyrana Starwing cleared her throat. "Not that I mean to question your judgement, Prince Stormbreaker, but we are under orders to defend Minaith's Memory. Do we have the warriors to spare for both tasks?"

The prince turned nad met the Dragon Mage's gaze. "I am aware of our duty here, Lyrana. The vault is important, but we can ill afford to ignore this vein of ithilmar. It is greatly needed by the smiths. Besides, the Dark Elves have not found it yet. If we work quickly enough, we can-"

With a hiss and a thud, a black crossbow bolt raced through the air and struck the Dragon Prince in the chest.

"They are here!" cried the Dragon mage, wheeling her horse about to face the enemy. IN the rocks above, several Shades were taking aim. The High Elves raced for cover as a volley of crossbow bolts shattered the loose stone round them.

"Go! Get out of here! We must establish an outpost and return in greater strength. I will yield neither the ithilmar nor the vault without a fight!"

The High Elves spurred their horse and sped away. Dragon Prince Stormbreaker swore an oath under his breath to return and claim this place for his people. First, however, there was a warcamp to build and warriors to recruit.

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