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High Elf Chapter 21
zone: Caledor

High Elf Chapter 21 Order Storyline

Buying Time

location: Drakestar's Lament, Caledor

npc: Elralion Drakestar

zone: Caledor

Public Quest: Shrine of the Dragontamer

Public Quest: Shrine of the Slayer

Public Quest: Executioner's Blade

previous chapter is: Eataine Mustering

next chapter is: The Fall of Eyrad Adrel

Chapter Lore: Reaper bolts slammed into the rocky embankment, spraying debris into the air. From behind the jagged outcropping, Prince Endhil surveyed the carnage with disbelieving eyes. Of the first regiment sent into Caledor, none had survived. Bodies sprawled across the road were still in a rough parady of battle formation, even as foul creatures feasted upon the carrion.

The Dark Elf siege battery covered the road, Reaper Bolt Throwers and crossbows preventing the Dragon Prince's forces from maneuvering around to attack their enemy on their flanks.

"Prince Endhil, what are your orders?" Unable to look away from the deadly misfortune his arrogant confidence had ordained, Endhil remained silent for a few moments too long. "Commander?"

"We will encircle the kin-traitors, leaving enough of a force here that they remain focused upon the bait."

"Yes my lord." Elralion considered the face of his friend with great care. Though also the scion of a noble house, he had always followed Endhil's lead in battle. The Prince was touched by Asuryan, a survivor of countless battles that had claimed all too many lives. The face Elralion had come to know so well was now devoid of expression, as if a marble statue now sat beside him, crouched behind the scant protection of a single boulder.

"Calasil and Morvridror will have command of the northern and southern wedges. They are to attack upon my signal." Endhil's fist clenched as a sluggishly moving figure was set upon by a flock of harpies. Within moments only a wet ruin remained.

"And what of you, my lord?"

"Have you not guessed, Elralion? I am to be the bait." Prince Endhil smiled then, a brief barring of teeth that chilled Elralion to the bone as the Dragon Prince's plan became clear. Endhil was a Dragon Prince, an irresistible target for the Dark Elf forces. His presence would keep the Dark Elves concentrated upon his location while the rest of the Shining Guard forces moved into position behind them.

Staying low to the ground Elralion moved away to begin relaying Endhil's orders, but the warrior could not shake the premonition that the stones of Caledor would be wet with noble blood before dawn.

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