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High Elf Chapter 22
zone: Caledor

High Elf Chapter 22 Order Storyline

The Fall of Eyrad Adrel

location: Asuryan's Reach, Caledor

npc: Aen Cinderblood

zone: Caledor

Public Quest: Tor Sethai

Public Quest: Pure Power

Public Quest: The Might of Ulthuan

previous chapter is: Buying Time

next chapter is: Shining Way

Chapter Lore: The slender spires of Eyrad Adrel rose from the mountains, a delicate tracery of gold rising above dark clouds. Regiment upon regiment of Dark Elf warriors stretched across the valley, the light of their campfires providing a constant sullen glow against the night sky.

After the assault on the siege battery, the Shining Guard Had pushed west through Drakewane Vale, pausing only long enough to liberate the shrine of the Conqueror. Though their march was hampered by constant shade attacks, the High Elves had made good time, reaching the fords just past nightfall. The army spent the dark hours in sleeplessness, gazing toward the distant glow on the horizon.

The first scouts began returning just before dawn. Kneeling before the wounded Prince Endhil, their reports were all the same. The full strength of Malekith's army stood arrayed on the valley before them. Eyrad Adrel itself was now in the hands of Beastmaster Rakarth, and Malekith's Black Ark was moving into position along the coast. The Shining Guard was now outnumbered ten to one. In addition, there were signs of a major ritual working underway. One wrong decision would cost them the battle, and the war.

Smiling faintly, Endhil turned to his fellow commanders. The arrogant and self assured Dragon Prince had been tempered by the massacre at Drakeswane Vale, the smug assumption of victory being replaced with grim determination. He had aged in defense of Ulthuan, as had they all.

"It seems our cousins are spoiling for a fight. Shall we give it to them?"

"After Drakeswane Vale you would make light of our situation?" Oroduin looked at the Dragon Prince in disbelief. "Our position is the weakest I have yet seen. They outnumber us ten to one, Endhil. All the might of Naggarond stands between us and Eyrad Adrel."

"Do not think I have forgotten our situation, Oroduin. None know it better than I. But we will fight tomorrow, regardless. And we will win our way to the spires of Eyrad Adrel." Endhil's eyes glinted strangely in the torchlight.

"What is our approach then, my lord?" Elralion asked.

"We will split our forces, following the river under cover of darkness. Crossing here and here," Endhil marked two places where the river neared the fortress before swinging out again. "we will only have to win through a portion of the Dark Elf troops. If all goes well, Malekith's army will be cut in half."

"And if things do not go well?" Oroduin fastened his gaze upon the Dragon Prince.

"Rakarth will prevail, Malekith will gain his foothold upon Ulthuan... and we will all die."

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