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High Elf Fortress Order Storyline

Shining Way

location: Shining Way

zone: Shining Way

Undefined: Fortress Lord, Alentriel

previous chapter is: The Fall of Eyrad Adrel

Chapter Lore: The fortress of the Shining Way was once a center of study and peace sitting atop a grand hill overlooking the Straights of Lothern. The university took pride in teaching the noble heirs of Eataine the histories of Ulthuan's politics and houses. However, as soon as Malekith's armies invaded and the fields of Eataine began to burn, the school was quickly converted into a stronghold suited to protecting the capital of Lothern. Now, defended by legions of mages and soldiers, and commanding a view of Eataine for leagues, there are few threats that such bastion of strength and knowledge could not withstand.

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