Dark Elf PrologueDark Elf, Nemesis Landing, Blighted Isles
Dark Elf Chapter 1Trial by Blood, Black Ark Landing, Blighted Isles
Dark Elf Chapter 2Nimosar, Akrana's Storm, Blighted Isles
Dark Elf Chapter 3Into the Lions' Den, Poisonblade Heath, Blighted Isles
Dark Elf WarcampCynathai Span, Cynathai Span, Blighted Isles
Dark Elf Chapter 4Twilight, Malagurn's Charge, Chrace
Dark Elf Chapter 5Bitter Rivals, Ruins of Anlec, Shadowlands
Dark Elf Chapter 6Truce and Consequences, Sundered Strand, Shadowlands
Dark Elf WarcampOath's End, Oath's End, Shadowlands
Dark Elf Chapter 7Day of Blood, Ralkuth's Return, Shadowlands
Dark Elf Chapter 8The Fall of the Matriarch, Brokenblade, Ellyrion
Dark Elf Chapter 9Race for the Menhir, Goldmead, Ellyrion
Dark Elf Chapter 10Brought Down from Within, Fernwood, Avelorn
Dark Elf Chapter 11Everspring, Scornblade's Siege, Avelorn
Dark Elf WarcampIsha's Fall, Isha's Fall, Avelorn
Dark Elf Chapter 12A Final Duty, Jade Coast, Avelorn
Dark Elf Chapter 13Seeds of Treachery, Knife's Edge, Saphery
Dark Elf Chapter 14Betrayal, Kyaran's Advance, Saphery
Dark Elf Chapter 15Ground Assault, Crimson Scar, Caledor
Dark Elf WarcampConqueror's Watch, Conqueror's Watch, Caledor
Dark Elf Chapter 16Rewards of Service, Drakeshadow, Caledor
Dark Elf Chapter 17Ultimate Control, Saruthil's Wake, Dragonwake
Dark Elf Chapter 18Death of Dreams, Taromir's Malice, Dragonwake
Dark Elf WarcampDrakeslayer Hold, Drakeslayer Hold, Dragonwake
Dark Elf Chapter 19Furnace of Caladain, Caladain's Furnace, Dragonwake
Dark Elf Chapter 20Emerald Steppe, Honor's Scourge, Eataine
Dark Elf WarcampEbonhold Watch, Ebonhold Watch, Eataine
Dark Elf Chapter 21Blind Hatred, Lightslayer's Umbrage, Eataine
Dark Elf Chapter 22Last Stand, Ebonhold Watch, Eataine
Dark Elf FortressFell Landing, Fell Landing
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