High Elf PrologueHigh Elf, Moonrise Forest, Blighted Isles
High Elf Chapter 1Invasion, Calumel, Blighted Isles
High Elf Chapter 2An Ill Omen, Ruins of Adunei, Blighted Isles
High Elf Chapter 3Sisters in Arms, Blightsward, Chrace
High Elf WarcampTor Aendris, Tor Aendris, Blighted Isles
High Elf Chapter 4The Stone of Imrahir, Cliffs of Ushuru, Chrace
High Elf Chapter 5Discovery at Mirelen, Mathrin's Watch, Shadowlands
High Elf Chapter 6Difficult Choices, Sorrowstrand, Shadowlands
High Elf WarcampBladewatch, Bladewatch, Shadowlands
High Elf Chapter 7Shades of Meaning, Skyblade's Hold, Shadowlands
High Elf Chapter 8Battle at the Gate, Windrider Plain, Ellyrion
High Elf Chapter 9Plain Council, Reaverspring, Ellyrion
High Elf Chapter 10Guerrilla Tactics, Fernwood, Avelorn
High Elf Chapter 11Corruption of the Forest, Grimwater, Avelorn
High Elf WarcampGaen Mere, Gaen Mere, Avelorn
High Elf Chapter 12Killing Blow, Well of Whispers, Avelorn
High Elf Chapter 13Houses of Learning, Thornvale Manor, Saphery
High Elf Chapter 14Uncertain Ground, Menuthil's Burden, Saphery
High Elf Chapter 15Eataine in Flames, Goldenvale Manor, Eataine
High Elf WarcampConqueror's Descent, Conqueror's Descent, Caledor
High Elf Chapter 16Homecoming, Eataine Mustering, Eataine
High Elf Chapter 17The Call of Time, Haleril's Resolve, Eataine
High Elf Chapter 18Dragonwake, Caelanriol, Dragonwake
High Elf WarcampDrakewarden Keep, Drakewarden Keep, Dragonwake
High Elf Chapter 19Vaul's Anvil, Spires of Vaul, Dragonwake
High Elf Chapter 20Subterfuge, Cinderblade, Dragonwake
High Elf WarcampEataine Mustering, Eataine Mustering, Eataine
High Elf Chapter 21Buying Time, Drakestar's Lament, Caledor
High Elf Chapter 22The Fall of Eyrad Adrel, Asuryan's Reach, Caledor
High Elf FortressShining Way, Shining Way
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